Monday, April 5, 2010

Avast Ye' Mateys

Right now I'm sitting at Urban cafe on Lincoln, and the Dawson's creek theme song is playing in the background. It's one of my favorite writing spots, and not just because of the cool lighting and easy availability of laptop plugs. They have my favorite tea in the world: Pirate's Chai. Pirate's Chai is a green matcha latte. It's free of all white sugar, oil, dairy, and gluten. It should be served hot with soy milk, but I know from experience that it's also great over ice or even in a milk shake. I know this because I take credit for putting Pirate's Chai on the map. Back in the day, I went to USC and worked at Ground Zero, a student-run coffee house and performance cafe with a not-so-fortunate name. One day we were street-teaming and this crazy man came up to us and told us we had to try his tea.

We weren't about to drink it right then and there, but Robert (or the chai guy as he became known) came back during the week for us to try some of his crazy, weird, health-food drink. It was absolutely delicious. There was a solid month when I had Pirate's Chai every day for breakfast. So, you can only imagine how delighted I was when I happened upon it at Novel. I know for a fact that their Main St. location also carries it, but I cannot verify the others. What I can tell you is that this stuff is delicious.You can order Pirate's Chai off of their website:

I guess that I have to post some sort of recipe, so here is our old recipe for a pirate's chai milkshake, with some vegan variations.

Pirate's Chai Shake
8 oz unsweetened soymilk
3 large scoops vanilla soy cream
1 scoop of Pirate's Chai powder
Blend all the ingredients together at high speed until smooth, adding more ice cream if necessary.


  1. i challenge you (though it shouldn't be hard):

    pirate's chai cupcakes and/or frosting
    . . . because that would make my LIFE.

    annnnnnd GO!

  2. Oh shit, challenge accepted Aisah. I am ordering myself a bag from the website right now.

  3. can't wait! seriously, the drink has evolved so much since you first introduced it.

    while i was there i did a "fake me out" version called "the peg leg" (get it?). there have been multiple full-on pirate's menus, too. since i left, they started fresh fruit smoothies- one of which called for a scoop of the powder.

    and yes, i, too had a daily p-chai for breakfast.